The Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos is developed and is one of the most popular weight loss programs available online. The fact that the author was not a fitness expert or nutritionist thought to be a problem for the program. Apparently he was not and the program with great success all over the world.

Robert Paul has no experience in the field of fitness and nutrition. The program was developed because it had weight problems and he could not beat with any plan or program on the market. He decided to create an effective program for himself and when he saw that it worked, he shared to help other people. The Fat Burning Furnace, he describes exactly what he was doing so in order to reach his ideal weight and shape and to obtain long-term.

The Fat Burning Furnace has become so popular because people believe that the author is "one of them", and he knows how difficult it is to lose weight. They are motivated by the success of Rob and consider that, if he lose weight without the help of the grant, and managed not to starve, they can do it too.

The program is written in a very accessible and it is easy to understand. They are detailed instructions on how and what to eat and how to exercise effectively. Following the
fat burning furnace instructions will result in burning fat. Strength training is preferable, because they increase metabolic rate and cause the heart to burn more calories.

The program is effective, as long as you also willing to make some effort to be successful. You will not lose massive weight overnight, but you will need the information to lose weight gradually, and once you reach your ideal weight, it must be able to last a lifetime.

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