Fosbury flop out methods of technology training, "one center and two basic points" is accelerating out of training to the soul, swing around the center of the hip of the supporting leg and take off leg, swing and swing, as base-base for teaching and training.

The free leg to the last step, beginning: "Grilled, frogs, send, use, fast", start moving the leg in a leg support "low, flat, fast, accurate and stable." Only "three combinations" in the swing starts with training, running and jumping combination of speed and coveralls. Put combination will also start training difficulties, is to stretch the kicks and leg swing leg swing coordination, including support for kicking leg swinging motion, the support leg swinging free leg start and support the kicking leg swings, and takeoff takeoff leg when kicking legs and swinging leg swing.Learn More about Jump Manual

The combination of running and jumping in front of the connection with the run-up, running and jumping combined with the difficulty is the last step to support and take-off leg swing leg swing with technical support and capacity development rapid runoff tread in order "to run fast, it can be to swing faster, jump high, so-so." Combining the speed and the speed of take-off speed and take-off is a combination of size, surmounted by the different times of the individual athlete to the technical characteristics of the take-off speed and take-off rate, a teenager in order to improve the execution speed of the main youth to ensure that the speed of runoff decreases to jump manual warkout increase the rate of take-off, increased enforcement show up in adulthood from the premise of increasing the speed of the rate of take-off the best price, size, characteristics and personal technology.

"Four balanced" refers to technology and the balance of power, speed and balance of power, speed and rhythm, balance, balance between technology and personal characteristics. Technology and the balance of power is the technology and jump the power to adapt to support, including start-up leg tilting technology, technology and the start of Leg Swing Swing, swing leg and support technology, and the beginning of the swing leg with the technology, including the power to PTO support swing leg swing, the power take-off leg support stretching pedal arm and torso strength.

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