The appearance of cellulite is a common complaint among the women folk. Even if it is hard to get rid of cellulite, it is not an impossible task. There are several cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, laser therapy, etc., which are also used to get rid of cellulite. However, leg exercises for cellulite reduction are the best safest bet. These exercises can be performed at the gym or at home, if you have equipment such as barbells and dumbbells at home. Let's see what are these exercises.

Reduce cellulite exercises for legs

The added benefit of reducing cellulite exercises is that you can see your legs look good and feel strong. There are several exercises for cellulite on the thighs and the muscles. Some of these exercises also work the buttocks area.


This is one of the best exercises to get rid of cellulite on your quadriceps. For this exercise, as the name suggests, you need a weighted barbell. Now you are standing straight with shoulder width distance between your feet and your legs without moving or sagging shoulders, start bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. In position 2 to 5 seconds and returns to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with 10 reps and rest for 30 seconds before you. Your next set of 10 counts

Wall Squats

This is an excellent exercise for people with knee pain and also for those who want to fight against cellulite. You can jump squats and dumbbell this exercise. Standing about a foot from the wall and lean your back against the wall. Slide the wall until you come to a sitting position, thighs parallel to the floor. Hold this position as long as you can and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for 2 sets of 10 counts.

Dumbbell lunges

With dumbbells 5 pound weights in each hand. If you hold the dumbbells, make sure that your palms are facing you. Stand straight with your shoulders stopped and keep a distance of about one foot between your legs when you are bigger. Step the left foot forward. At a distance of about two feet of the right leg Reduce until you. Right leg a few inches of the floor and your left thigh parallel to the floor The important part about exercises for cellulite is that you have to hold it in place. Slowly bring your upper body, but you do not move your feet. Reduce your torso and repeat the same for 10 counts. Change your legs and take your right foot forward, repeat the exercise on foot and 10 counts. Take a break for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise for both legs for another 10 counts.

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