Men who struggle with small nodules on the penis often have a great psychological trauma because of it. Although this is not a physical problem that causes real physical problems, is a cosmetic problem that can cause severe psychological stress. For this reason, many are interested in finding a treatment for pearly penile papules that actually works.

So what exactly is this disease? It usually develops in young men between 20 and 30 years and is characterized by small bumps on skin color in the penis. They are harmless and can not propagate. Statistics indicate that approximately 25 percent of men have this condition. It is more common in uncircumcised men then the men they are. Many men and doctors mistake them for genital warts, so that men who think they can do that you should talk to a dermatologist who is experienced in treating both conditions to ensure proper treatment is followed.Read More

Home Remedies
Because of the shame that surrounds this condition, and that does not cause actual physical problems, many men are too self-conscious to visit their doctors to discuss the problem. As such it is interested in trying a variety of home remedies to address the problem.

One option that some men are trying to counter creams as a cure for pearly penile papules. They are usually a waste of money. Not only ineffective, but are usually quite expensive. Others may try making mixtures of cattle using honey, toothpaste, and even liquid vitamins. Again, these are not likely to cause any harm, but they are not likely to really help. Oatmeal and retina are also common household remedies. You can actually end up irritating the skin, so that men should use them with caution.

Another tactic is changing sexual relations that the individual has. Some "experts" say that men need to masturbate masturbate less or more than cure the disease. Others indicate they need to change their lives for sexual encounters more or less with your partner. While these can be nice "treatments" that will not change the condition.

Treatments that work
The effective way to deal with this disease is through laser hair removal. CO2 laser can target lesions and remove them without damaging the rest of the skin on the penis. Painless, because in general anesthesia is used. This pearly penile papules treatment is effective and permanent. Recovery takes one to two weeks. Some men experience crusting, or redness. Inflammation is also common. Serious side effects are rare.

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