You may not have to your credit, a successful film (aka Dogtown), the chronicle of your life as a skateboarder. You can not be part of a hip skateboarding as the Z-Boys, but it certainly does not lead apocalyptic. If you are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​skating on wooden pillars and ramps, handrails and sanding, then here are some tips based skateboard and how to do that.

Skateboarding - Sports

Born as sidewalk surfing, was sometimes in 1940 or 50, skateboarding should be an alternative for surfing, especially during the time it was impossible to ride the waves. Skateboarding was first on, believe it or not, wooden boxes made with an attached roller skate wheels. Although there is no single person can claim the inventor of the sport and its equipment, the first skateboard, to be in their present form, were of the order made by a surf shop based in California.

A relatively modern extreme sports shows, skateboarding traces of the influence of many skateboarding, like Alan Gelfand, Tony Alva, Rodney Mullen, etc. with the invention of the many tricks credited, which are synonymous with sport were now the rider is responsible for the skyrocketing popularity, that sport in the 1970s and 80s. With the creation of skate parks and ramps designed exclusively for skateboarding, the sport has undergone dramatic changes. Jump Manual Review During the previous rounds were simply two-dimensional maneuvers, the towers are more stylized and complicated.

Skateboarding has now reached cult status, with almost 18 million skateboarders worldwide, and also a day dedicated to the sport, called Skateboarding Day. Celebrated on 21 June is the motivation behind the day to promote the sport.

Skateboarding Tricks - How to

Skateboarding tricks are essentially running either only one or a few maneuvers, while on a skateboard. The sport that many of their entertainment value of the recklessness that is exposed during the execution of this stuff. Most skateboard competitions are judged on criteria such as diversity, creativity and difficulty. Although not exactly easy to learn, these stunts are not impossible. In this article we will try to explain the complexity of some skateboard tricks. This is not an expansive or all-inclusive list skateboard tricks, but there are some popular maneuver.

50-50 grind: A grind is something in which you on the edge of a rail or a bank, etc., push, and not to the wheels, but your truck. As the name implies, is a 50-50 grind, if the edge is ground in the middle of the truck.

    First, use a lip to learn instead of grinding a rail.

    Move very far from the edge that you grind on, so you can grow with considerable speed.
    While driving on the cornice, with your feet in the Ollie position (This trick will be explained later in this article).
    As you lean in close to the groin, the knees and Ollie on the edge, where it the center of your truck. Try to land with your feet in ollie position as to facilitate this, to get the bar, after grinding.
    Balance your weight and try to look ahead a bit, if it helps.
    When you reach the edge of the cornice to give skateboarding a little pop and Jump Manual  the ledge. Try and land on all wheels.

Boardslide: A boardslide is a relatively simple thing where you walk along a rail or ledge ollie, also skateboard, slide on, then go down and skate off running.

    It is important that the obstacle that you are about Ollie is on highly polished.
    The back is done, you are approached with the rail with your feet in the Ollie. Stay away from the obstacle at an angle.
    Mount the side of the obstacle, with her at the heels.
    Ollie on the obstacle turning 90 degrees and the landing on the barrier in the middle of the skateboard.
    Keep your balance. Not to lean forward or back and keep your knees bent.
    When you reach the edge of the obstacle, a reversal set at 90 degrees, hop-off and land.

Caveman: It is one of the easiest tricks for beginners. If you know how to drive a skateboard, then you are in a position to make a caveman.

    Find a place to perform this trick.
    Keep your skateboard in your hand that you're with.
    Skateboarding should be through the nose with the fingers and thumb along the bottom may be required on the handle.
    Now the tail of the skateboard swings away from you and then when he comes back, drop it, if it is parallel to the ground.
    As the board is down, jump in with both feet so close to each other as possible. The proximity of the feet is important to maintain balance.

Manual: The manual is the equivalent of a skateboard wheelie bike. The driver is balanced on the rear wheels while driving. To master this trick, you may need lots of practice.

    Make sure your foot placement so that the back foot most of the tail of the skateboard, covers and the front foot is placed just behind the front wheels.
    Collect a good speed when running on a skateboard.
    Move your body weight on the back foot, while he was the torso towards the forefoot.
    Balance is the key, while manuals. So you need to get around this problem, but the basis of control, the trick is to adjust your body weight.

No Comply: If you ever wanted to know how the old school skateboard tricks, so do that here is a step by step breakdown of one of these beautiful waterfalls, where the skater Film Board in the air with his back knee.

    No Comply is usually done on flat ground.
    Ride on the skateboard with your back foot on the tail and the front foot on the nose of the board.
    Crouch while skateboarding and put your weight on the back foot.
    Slide the front foot of the plank and place it next to the heel side of the board on the floor.
    Due to the under on the tail of the foot in front of the chamber pressure is released, the tip of the nose. Once this happens, jump and press the tip of the nose of the board with your back knee.
    Once the knee touches the edge, he will jump, and before he hits the ground, place the front foot on the tip of the nose of the board, the ground and roll.

Ollie: Ollie is one of the most important things to skateboard for beginners, because it is the basis for most of the stuff.

    Ollie position is such that the ball was to be on the tail of the skateboard on the back foot and front foot should be between front-and medium-duty trucks of the skateboard to be placed.
    Bend your knees slightly.
    Slam the tail on the ground and when he touches the blow, the rear foot.
    While jumping into the air, should the front foot rolls inward so that the orientation of the skateboard in the air in the desired direction.
    Jump and pull your knees as high as you can, and if you are on top of the jump, you straighten your skateboard, so that both feet are on the board level.
    Land on the floor with knees bent to absorb shock, and the height of the feet on the board.

Rail as TV Primo, was at rail, the skateboarder will balance on the edge of the skateboard.

    Find a flat surface, so that you do this trick. Place one foot on each truck (the right area of ​​the bolt).
    Press jump your toes toward the skateboard, then.
    Move to the skateboard on the side, as you jump.
    Land on the edge of your skateboard with your feet on the side of the skateboard and bike

Now that you know a few basic tricks of skateboarding, you can modify to create stylized versions. There are also many resources available to online videos tell more about skateboarding tricks and tips. This skate trick tips will only improve your skills already improved skateboard. So do not roll and feel free! Surprise your friends with some tricks of skateboarding, you can perform with flying colors.

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