Eczema is a skin condition that is characterized by itching and irritation. A form of eczema is atopic dermatitis observed especially in children. There are many causes of eczema, such as foods, pollen, dust mites, mold, pet hair, etc. It causes the skin to become red, dry, blotchy and covered with scales and kitchen. The severity of symptoms varies from one person to another. Although the incidence of eczema on the face and around, it can affect other parts of the body as well. He infants, children and adults involved. However, when it comes to the treatment of infants and children, Pediatrics to be very careful. Most creams and lotions burn the sensitive skin of children and do more harm than good. Eczema Research has shown that homeopathy is the preferred method for treating eczema.

Homeopathy for treating eczema in children

Homeopathy and Eczema in children is a very debatable. While some might swear by its success, most people. Still doubt its effectiveness However, homeopathic remedies are unlikely to aggravate the situation, because they are made from natural ingredients extracted and diluted to a sustainable level for children. eczema free forever  Homeopathy works on the symptoms rather than conditions. This approach works well as diseases manifest different symptoms between different people. Symptoms presented by each group to identify their own way, according to homeopathic medicine can be prescribed.

Before starting the homeopathic treatment of the medical history of the child must be checked. In cases where the child with eczema or develops state was born shortly after birth, genetic predisposition or tendency should be sought. Different types of homeopathic medicines that have been successful in the treatment of infantile eczema, antimony crud, Arsenicum, arum triphyllum, Calcarea, calendula, graphites, hepatitis calcareum, mezereum, Rhus, oil and sulfur.

Can aggravate the symptoms of eczema due to food, antibiotics and vaccines to change. Although steroids can sometimes help to get rid of eczema on the skin, they have side effects, such as respiratory or digestive problems often. In such cases, sulfur is used as a homeopathic remedy. Sulfur helps to clean the eczema and return to equilibrium.

When a child is born with eczema or a family history of eczema is inherited high sensitivity. For bovinum Tuberculinum such children is a homeopathic remedy that stimulates the immune system and reduces sensitivity. Reduced sensitivity helps the body to heal naturally. Alumina is a homeopathic remedy for children who have recommended a desire for food, which have the potential for aggravating eczema. Most foods that children crave are often the cause of constipation. Alumina child relieves constipation and thus gets rid of all skin problems.

Steroid treatment has completely before homeopathic treatment can be stopped. During the first phase of homeopathic treatment, the symptoms seem to get worse, but it is an indication that the treatment is effective. The first step of the medicament is to rinse the body of substances that lead to skin problems. Cleaning the body from the inside, skin and eczema finally disappears.

As already mentioned, the homeopathic remedy for eczema depends on the symptoms, then the child is a drug that might work for her symptoms is necessary. If that does not work, another may be made by a court. However, if the drug is mainly continued until the onset of eczema disappears completely. Although homeopathic treatment often lasts longer than conventional therapy, often better results.

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