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Dyshidrotic dermatitis and eczema affecting the hands and feet is relatively common, it is not chronic. 1 to 2 mm, chronic back, the palms, soles and fingers are characterized by the appearance of the blisters, or itching associated with the first. Its etiology, a sweating against dermatitis is not known to the suspect involved. Dishidrotica also known as dermatitis eczema, eczema, or pompholix paraptico, hands and feet of patients with large bullae of acute flares in terms of a sub school for pompholix soliendose.

Clinical history and physical examination are often resolved without treatment into the recurrence intervals, the file is described in the lesions and to characterize the diagnosis usually is enough to observe the Eczema cyclical course.

In some patients the lesions will be treated to reduce and prevent relapse. The causes and treatment of hyperhidrosis (botulinum toxin Iontophoresis) shall control. Topical corticosteroid treatment of choice, for the first 1-2 weeks after the repair phase, and a powerful steroid, steroid does not mean power. Immunomodulators may be an alternative to topical steroid therapy services. 3-4 days of treatment, patients do not respond to the prednisone, 60 mg orally may be a short course. Oral immunosuppressive therapy or phototherapy should be considered refractory disease.